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Creating Your Own Blog Is Better For Business Even If You Hate Writing

Creating Your Own Blog

‘Many new marketers ask: What is the value of creating your own blog?

Many folks don’t like to write or consider themselves poor writers and/or have nothing of value to say. And, truth be told, this may all be a honest assessment.

My purpose here is not to convince you otherwise, as I have covered these issues in posts like Monetizing A Blog With Proven Strategies. My intention in this article is to explain why having a blog can be an extremely useful for your marketing efforts

The fact is that blogging, whether done by a professional or by a novice, will add credibility to any business, online or off. Even if your main talent is creating videos for YouTube, your work should have some reference to a home site rather than a fly-by-night landing page.

I am speaking of primarily to those who are concentrated in one particular niche, but even affiliates with a lot of different products can add to their reputation with a good site.

Granted, you should have some dedication to your business when contemplating creating your own blog. If you are in this to make a quick buck – and many are – then you can certainly ignore this post.

But I would venture to say that, even if you are making money with internet marketing, your earnings are not likely to match those of your blogging rivals.

And I am not referring to just ‘marketing gurus.” I am including those who have seen the potential of internet marketing and have tried and failed and tried again. Ultimately, with some dedication and hard work, they’ve managed to develop a profitable business.

Simply put, creating your own blog will give your business more credibility and trust. To be able to inspect a marketer’s site, read a contact page, skim a table of contents and check out an About Me will go a long way increasing your earning potential.

If you enjoy writing or can a afford to outsource your posts, then this should not be an issue. Others might want to avail themselves of some Private Label Rights articles. Some of your posts will rank well, others will not, but there are many ways to bring visitors to your site. And the fact that you have one is the key.

Remember than any content on your blog can also be recycled on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, used for email newsletters, etc., adding to more exposure, name recognition as well as linking back to your site.

Creating your own blog is not for everyone. But it is an incredibly useful tool for any serious marketer.

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