Creating An Effective Fiverr Profile

Creating An Effective Fiverr Profile

In video #9 in our Make Money On Fiverr tutorial series we will be looking at ways to enhance and optimize our Fiverr profile. Creating An Effective Fiverr Profile

Your Fiverr profile can often be the difference between getting a lot of gigs and turning buyers away. A Fiverr profile can convey the qualities that will engender trust with potential customers.

Your profile on Fiverr is the place where buyers get their first impression of you and your business. If you are a new seller, you can gradually build a credible reputation with customer reviews.

Similarly, a good picture can go a long way to help people get to know you and trying to understand what will be the most useful information for a potential buyer will likely result in conversations that will help you sell your services.

Here are the components that make up a Fiverr Profile:
  • Featured Gig
  • Profile Picture
  • One Line Statement (linked to the Profile Picture)
  • The About Section
  • Best Seller Package
  • Reviews

Your Featured Gig is the first thing visitors will see. This is what is displayed on the Fiverr platform whether your gig is feature or not. When a potential customer clicks on your featured gig they will be directed to your gig description page.

While the Featured Gig can elicit interest, your Profile Picture will help to build trust. A good impression here will go a long way in making visitors more comfortable in buying your services.

The One Line Statement can also be an effective marketing tool. It can be a company tagline or a statement about your business goals and standards. This will also go a long way in defining you and the kind of business reputation you’d like to develop.

The About Section is an opportunity to expand on letting potential buyers know who you are. You can add recent sales figures if you have them or let people know that you are a new seller and are eager to build a reputation. People like honesty and will respond accordingly.

The Best Seller Package is often the same as your Featured Gig. But it also includes your list of Gig Extras. Once again, you can expand the description here for more clarity and reinforce the impression that you know exactly what you’re doing.

Perhaps the most effective way of enhancing your Fiverr profile is the reviews you receive for previous work. Fiverr enters these automatically and, naturally, what others have to say about the services you provide will ultimately be paramount in the decision of selecting you.

Good reviews are essential and the way to attain them will be the cornerstone of your experience with Fiverr.

The last video in our series will show demonstrate how to make use of Fiverr trends and Sales Reports.


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