Converting Powerpoint To Video

Converting Powerpoint Slides To Video (Expert Guide)

In this module, we will be showing you the art of converting Powerpoint slides into a video format:

Once you have prepared all your slides, what you need to do is click on the ‘File’ tab and choose ‘Save & Send’.

From there look for ‘Create A Video’ option. Choose the ‘Computer & HD Displays’ out of the remaining 3 options here. I would recommend you to choose the first one because that’s the size that you would want your videos to be. Converting Powerpoint To Video

For the this option, you can choose to not use or use a recorded timings and narrations depending on your content. I will choose the first one for this example.

Also, note how you can set the default transition speed on each slide. Let’s just go with 3 seconds for each slide.

Click ‘Create Video’. Choose your file destination, rename it and start saving the video. As you can see, the default video format is in WMV.

Not the best video format out there but we are going to change it later in this module.

There you have it! You’ve mastered converting Powerpoint slides into a video. 

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