Building Quality Backlinks

Building Quality Backlinks For Your Blog

Building quality backlinks that are natural and free to enable may seem like an insurmountable project if you are new to marketing on the Internet. You’ve come to understand the importance of building quality backlinks, but you’re confronted with the knowledge that you need to have secured a good, honest presence in the search engines in order to get the higher quality links.

Without an established reputation and a relatively high ranking in the search engines you will have trouble attracting linking partners. Your best option in these circumstances is to do some scouting for opportunities and acquire backlinks slowly and carefully. Building Quality Backlinks

Keep in mind that backlink spamming is alive and well. It is so prevalent that WordPress blogs come with the ‘rel=nofollow’ as a default attribute. This is a condition that automatically informs the search engines to discount the link and it reduces the chance that the comments on your blog will be considered as a pile of spam.

The question becomes how do you reserve the opportunity for visitors with legitimate comments to have their say. The only solution is to change the default for these links to the ‘rel=dofollow’ attribute and be willing to take the time to clean up the spammy remarks by hand.

You’ll notice that many of the active forums have returned to a dofollow default. The result is that those visitors with legitimate comments can have their say and earn a link in the process.

There are a number of blogs and some forums that are only too happy to have thoughtful comments and your status in the search engines or level of experience are not disqualifying issues. Your task for building quality backlinks is to find these linking opportunities to make sure that the site uses the ‘rel=dofollow’ attribute instead of the ‘rel=nofollow’ one.

You can find the attribute employed by right clicking on a page and searching for ‘follow’ using your browsers search function.

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