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Build An Email List From Scratch With These Simple Strategies

Build An Email List From Scratch

One of the trends you may have noticed if you are closely involved in marketing online is the plethora of tips and tricks and strategies on how to build an email list from scratch. You’ll also find a lot of advice on writing attention-grabbing headlines, fine-tuning a free offer, AB testing your landing page, etc. Opportunities to take courses on these skills are likely to be pouring into your inbox on a frequent basis.

Whether you are a vendor or an affiliate marketer the following provides the essentials on how to create and email list with common strategies that have proven effective over time. Additional techniques – and there are many – are, quite frankly, a matter of personal preference and discovering what works best for your particular product.– usually after trial and error. Look at the simple strategies with care for, without them, your chances for success are limited.

To begin to build an email list from scratch you should start with small goals and grow your list over time. Unreasonable expectations can lead to frustration in a process that, by its very nature, is incremental. Then, too, quality not quantity is the cornerstone of list building. Having a list of thousands that have little interest in what you have to say or sell is not a desired result, even if your list is in the millions.

The ground for any successful email sign-up process is an attractive squeeze page. It should be compelling and accessible enough to facilitate new registrations. The essential component is your squeeze page which will convert your website traffic into your subscribers. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this visit you can get started by watching our List Building Tutorials on Youtube.

Your squeeze page should be set up with an autoresponder so that when someone enters their email information, it is automatically added to your list. The most reputable autoresponder platforms are usually considered to be Aweber and Getresponse. You can set up various parameters with these autoresponders, including links to the download of any digital products you are making available.

Indeed, of equal importance is the product or service these first-time visitors are being presented with. You’ll want to offer something that is of exceptional value and you’ll want to make it available either as free or at such a discounted price that it would be difficult to ignore.

Build An Email List From Scratch

Remember, you are trying to build an email list from scratch. That is your first priority. Unless your brand is already a household name, sales and repeat sales will be the result when you have built some trust and rapport with your list. People are very cautious about buying items on the internet and these first-time visitors don’t know you at first and it’s unlikely that they’d expend a great deal of money without getting an idea of what you are all about.

Following up may be the most difficult challenge. Because once you have a list you need to stay in some contact with your followers or they will totally forget about you. While experts disagree on this, you might not want to be sending an offer every day, not to mention several times per day. Most marketers find better success by mixing up their sales letters with posts that offer some value.

Whether the post solves a problem, makes a recommendation or provides instruction, most recipients are likely to be more appreciative of your brand. Remember, people are bombarded every day with promotional emails. Standing out from the the crowd can be a plus.

The challenge is to have a ready supply of these value-oriented posts in your autoresponder. No need to write them all at once, but you should be thinking about them and the benefits to your list on a regular basis. Some marketers write these messages themselves, while others hire someone else to do that for them. Still more use private label rights products, while others curate materials from other sources – proving credit, yes – but with your signature and closing message.

Whatever you decide, some elements of your plan are likely to fizzle. Not enough sign-ups? Maybe you need to take a more in-depth course on how to develop a successful squeeze page.

One oft-forgotten fact to remember is that even the most successful online gurus had to learn how to build an email list from scratch. Some will be only too happy to show you (for a fee) how they did it. Learning from experts is usually worth the money. In the meantime, take a look at How To Market Your Business On The Internet or How To Build An Email List The Right Way on YouTube.

Knowing how to create an email list is the backbone of most internet businesses today (More about messaging in another post). Finding the most effective methods for your niche is the test that separates the winners from the also-rans. The question is: Is building an email list from scratch a challenge you are willing to accept.

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