Network Marketing

Bringing The Net Into Network Marketing

This course is brought to you by Steve Smith, an internet guru who developed this course by building his own successful business through trial and error. His coaching program is delivered to you on a weekly basis enabling you to put into action everything you have just learnt from that particular module. Most importantly, you will be able to earn as you learn.

Each module in the course is focused on showing you how to leverage everything you have, whether it’s time, money, a great voice, a skill like writing, etc, and turning it into an income stream that’ll help you build your team and/or business.

With more than sixty video Modules, Steve will personally walk you through everything that he’s learned and mastered and how you can apply it effectively.

In this Network Marketing Course You Will Learn:

  • How to use Youtube to build an awesome team.
  • Where to find FREE websites to advertise your network marketing opportunity
  • How turn your website into a downline building machine, and where to get one made for just $5 if you don’t have one already.
  • How to use pay per click advertising to drive hordes of people to view your offer
  • Email Marketing 101 – how to successfully leverage your email list to building a long term income for you
  • How & Why to blog for maximum team building
  • Pay Per Click, the wrong and right way to hit PPC
  • How to use Facebook Advertising for effective team building and branding.
  • The Guru’s secrets into using WordPress to build a brand and team in no time flat.
  • How to utilize complete video marketing for bringing in more leads and business.
  • Using Skype to reach out to 63,000 Million Skype users
  • How to generate an insane amount of leads EVERY week with a little known Ninja system.
  • And Much Much More.

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Network Marketing

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