Blogging For Fun And Profit

Blogging For Fun And Profit Still Rules

While there are many ways to get your message out on the internet, blogging for fun and profit is very much with us. Videos, live presentations, podcasts, slide shows, email campaigns, social media postings, etc. Still, it is blogging and article writing that are the most prevalent methods. Everyone from Sister Susie to Grandma seems to have something to say and the ability to say it. Seems there’s a blog r everywhere you look – from established businesses to dedicate hobbyists sharing insights and information for audiences large and small.

Setting up your own blog is not that difficult for most. Google’s used to be the go-to place to start a blog and, while it is still very popular for many, it seems to have been supplanted in large part by the WordPress platform. For some insights on blogging for fun and profit see How To Begin Blogging, How To Start A Successful Blog and Choosing A Blogging Platform located at this website. Blogging For Fun And Profit

Blogging is not much different than article writing, the main difference being you efforts are all located in the same place and you can distribute then to other sites with plugins like Triberr or via an RSS feed. One useful tip for increasing engagement is to employ pinging capabilities to alert the blog directories that you have a new contribution. A service like PingoMatic will alert many sites when you have new content. Increased traffic to your blog should result.

There are many ways to get more visitors. Search engine optimization in its various forms is the most legitimate way to do this. Spamming and black hat efforts usually have negative effects. Register with Google and Bing – or even Yandex and Baidu if your feeling ambitious – and be sure to add a sitemap to your blog so that each new post is picked up by these established search engines.

Add links to similar blogs when you have a comment to contribute to someone else’s posts. Use ‘View Page Source’ to make sure that any links you contribute have a ‘follow’ attribution. Contributing is great, but there’s no need to waste your time if the link is not going to be picked by the search engines.

Lastly, see if you can make arrangements with another blogger to either exchange posts or to make a one-time contribution. The link will be very helpful in boosting your search engine rankings. It’s helpful, but certainly not mandatory, to find another blog to contribute to that has a higher page rank in Google. The gamut runs from 0-5 and you can get this information from a site like PR Checker.

Despite what the experts say, blogging for fun and profit is not going to be supplanted by video anytime soon. Best to get a handle on how to do it right then to be left at the bottom of heap because of ignorance.

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