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To Blog Or Vlog: That Is The Question

To blog or vlog is a choice many marketers have to Make. It’s useful in making a decision to follow the advice of many coaches and gurus: Follow your passion.

“Learn and Master’ as one of my affiliate accounts proudly proclaim. While each strategy has it’s pros and cons, the bottom line should be: What’s the point of doing something you don’t like? That’s why God created 9-5 jobs.

Despite reports to the contrary, the art of writing blog posts isn’t on the decline, but you could certainly say that the art of creating videos is on the rise. For some there is no choice as to whether to blog or vlog. They learned how to write in grade school and video creation will require a whole new skill set.

Even so, for many getting involved in vlogging it’s only a matter of having a cell phone, maybe a microphone and the ability to do some basic editing. And, of course, the opportunity to go live is now a staple of social media.  Blog Or Vlog

But not everyone has the confidence or desire to be the star of the show. Still, going the video route has a lot to recommend it and the possibility should be considered. Vlogging certainly has its advantages and, unless you have some very good SEO skills, they are more likely to get attention than most blog posts on subjects that get a lot of coverage. 

I have a blog, but I really appreciate working with video. You can really get some creative juices flowing and the result is that the viewer doesn’t really need to do any work. With a blog post, you have to make some effort to appreciate the content. You have to put on your concentration hat, even if it’s only for a brief period.

I just saying that there’s no need to go kicking and screaming into a one strategy, even if its highly recommended. Don’t be put off by a steep learning curve if another strategy might be more to your liking. There are all sorts of inexpensive video courses, software and platforms out there that could help you along the way.

To blog or vlog is an ongoing question for many. But, either way, you’re more likely to fail if you have no interest in the work in the first place You might also like How To Begin Blogging and Blogging Tips For Beginners.

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