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Ever hear of Blab chat? I didn’t until fairly recently. Must have been caught up in all the Sturm und Drang about Periscope. Or was that Meerkat ?

After seeing some of my favorites from Postplanner doing a Blab Chat and my colleague Richard Seaton do his interviews I was quite impressed and I thought I have a look at what some of the experts had to say. Blab Chat, which is currently available on desktop and iOS (Android is coming soon), is a live-streaming video platform that lets you host your own live video show or conference with up to four people engaging at the same Joel Commtime. The moderator has control over who is in the three additional video seats, but anyone who wants to tune in can use the right panel to chat and the left panel to tweet...Joel Comm, Social Media Examiner

Like Google Hangouts on Air, Blab allows anyone the ability to live-stream a public video chat. Unlike Google Hangoutsand like Meerkat and Periscope, Blab is super easy for anyone to use. All you need is a browser and a working video camera attached to your computer for using it from the web or you can use the iOS app from your smart phone….David Erickson, Creative PR

The best way to check out Blab is to, well, check it out. Simply sign in to Twitter, click on “Start a new Blab” in the right corner, assign a topic and category, share a link to co-host(s), and Travis Wrightaccept a caller if you like! It’s all in real-time, you can welcome followers, and start growing your audience. Technically, you can Blab by yourself, but you need at least two people for the Blab to “go live” (otherwise, it’s not a conversation!)…Travis Wright, Chief marketing technologist, CCP Global

In a way, Blab chat is kind of like Meerkat or Periscope for groups. In fact, many users I encountered last night said they were heavy users of Adario Strangeeach of these apps, and more than a few users said that they were enjoying Blab more as a social tool…Blab gives you the ability to mute any or all of the four video chatters. So, for example, if three people are interviewing someone, you can choose to mute the three interviewers and just listen to the answers from the interview subject…Adario Strange, Mashable

Blab has brought the social interaction back. People are interacting with one another; having deep and meaningful conversations in the present moment. Instead of the surface conversations that go along the lines of ‘thanks for the retweet’ and ‘hope you’re having a great day’, people are actually getting to know each other. Relationships are being built and as far as know, like, trust factor, I don’t think there’s any platform that can compete. It really is the closest thing to face to face interactions in an online setting. The fact people can jump in and out of the livestream conversation just adds to that…C4 Compete

Many of you might be thinking “Can’t I do the same sort of thing on Google Hangouts, or on Skype?” Yes, but the great thing about Blab video streaming is it’s integrated with Twitter which is a very popular social media network in it’s own right, and the sharing is seamless. Plus, Blab is easy to use. It can also be a great way to introduce a product, do a demo, offer a free Mike Gingerichconsultation session, or talk about your next big event. Or you could simply have your event on Blab! It takes the personalization trend of the web one step further and businesses need to pay attention. People want to hear from you and know you….the people in the business. It can also be used similar to “live radio”, with marketing opportunities doing company and customer interviews, and for live podcasting…Mike Gingerich

I’m kind of camera shy, but Blab chat seems like an informal and friendly way to share information and get to know others better even as they get to know you. Worth a try. As Virgil once said: “Fortune sides with him who dares.”

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