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Better Opt-in Forms And Landing Pages

As marketers we are always looking for ways to increase opt-in rates and garner more subscribers. While this is just one of the several marketing essentials that confront any online business, it may be one of the most important.

For starters, you should be sure that any email opt-in form shows up at the top of the page so that subscribers can fill it out quickly.

For landing pages you’ll want to make sure that the sign-up form is easily noticed. Bright colors, attractive headline fonts will help with this.

Indeed, be sure that the headline is an attention-grabber. Think about creating a headline that describes the reason for signing up but also has a clever twist that will generate interest. This is advertising pure and simple and if you aren’t satisfied with your opt-in rates, you might want to seek out a copywriter if you think the form could be improved. The raison d’etre of a headline is let your visitors quickly grasp what the landing page is about, and to keep them as long as possible on your page. 

Potential customers are looking for some benefit. Price benefits, a solution to a problem or a reasonable solution of a perceived need in the buyer’s lifestyle or working environment. It is essential that your page emphasizes why your visitors should take action on your site rather than the competition.

As mentioned previously, your call to action should be bright, bold and colorful to focus the attention of the surfer. Still, without a convincing reason to act, your landing page will remain just another pretty face. Remember, it is there to convince your visitors to sign-up, buy or become a frequent visitor.

It is no longer a given that internet surfers will be attracted to your advertisement. Many fade into the background because it is rare to visit a site that does not advertise in some form or another. Opt-in forms are everywhere and blinking banner ads become just as enticing as the sea of traffic headlights on the other side of a highway.

One needs to stand out but, at the same time, be unobtrusive. Keep your landing page free of clutter. Distractions can reduce the effectiveness of an opt-in forms.

The opt-in form is what should stand out on your landing page with cool, calm and collected inducements to fill it out. You want visitors to take action today and the reasons that they should remain a customer can be attended to in follow-up emails.

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