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Amazon Associates Can Be A Profitable Marketing Alternative

Amazon Associates

Amazon associates?

As you probably know by now I sell relatively expensive digital marketing training courses. Selling Kindle books might not seem the path to internet riches.

But please know that I also supplement my income with a variety of other affiliate connections and Amazon – yes, the Amazon whose commissions rarely exceed 8% – is becoming one of my favorites.

The best part about Amazon is that they are a trusted brand and sell almost everything you can think of (within reason). If you are looking to build a niche site you are likely to find relevant products on Amazon.

Additionally, it’s fairly easy to be accepted and although API access is now limited (you need to have at least one sale per month), their expanding linking options permit all seller to create links with several variations.

If you have no budget for advertising posting products with your links on Facebook, Instagram and several others can get you started. A post or a review can go a long way if you strike the right theme.

You should also be aware that Amazon associates can now consolidate links from various countries so you can now monetize international traffic from Canada, Europe and Japan with just one link.

Consider, too, the the popularity of joining the Amazon Associates program has spawned a number of plugins that allow you to fill your website with products (your links included) if you have API access.

Even if you don’t as yet have API access some of these plugins –AmalinksPro – can also help you build comparison tables even though you must enter your links by hand.

It’s true that Amazon is criticized for it’s low commission rates and the fact that it only has a 24 hour cookie duration. Nevertheless, shoppers really think twice about making a purchase on Amazon and it very often involves several items at a time.

If you are on the fence about becoming an affiliate marketer or are looking for alternatives to supplement your current business model, take a look at the Amazon Associates Program for opportunities.

And check out Dan Johnson’s Amazon Associates: Complete Guide for an extensive how-to tutorial.

Don’t sneer at the low commission rates. They can add up and there are many affiliate marketers who are reaping the benefits.

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