Affiliate Sites For Aspiring Marketers

Affiliate Sites For Aspiring Marketers

Those of us who are successful in internet marketing are often asked where are the best affiliate sites and platforms to promote products.

Here is a list of the most popular and, generally speaking, the most reputable:

Amazon Associates

CJ Affiliates (Formerly Commission Junction)


Internet Profits




Take a good look at these affiliate sites. Each has a specialty. Some like Amazon focus on everyday products. Others, like JVZoo, emphasize digital goods, while Internet Profits specializes in high ticket sales. MaxBounty, on the other hand, is primarily involved with CPA (cost per action) incentives.

At all of these affiliate sites, you’ll need to choose a product you are comfortable with or one you believe will be successful. Ideally, it should be both

Still, and most importantly, you’ll also need to decide how serious you are about the endeavor. Affiliate Sites For Aspiring Marketers

Are you willing to invest in advertising? Are you inclined to develop a blog with pertinent articles about your products? How about creating videos about your product for YouTube? Is adding a Fanpage to your Facebook account going to be of use to you? Can you make the time to build an email list of potential customers?

Be aware that you are not going to get rich quickly as some might promise and any one of these projects might be a stumbling block for you. It is part of the reason many affiliate marketers give up fairly quickly.

Another reason should consider is that unless you have a website or blog with a steady stream of traffic interested in your wares, the likelihood that you will be profitable is slim.

That’s because advertising costs can be prohibitive and the profit margin on a $20 product is not likely to take you very far.

If you are considering becoming an affiliate marketer, the smart money recommends that you focus on high ticket items where the spread would justify any marketing costs that might accrue.

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Affiliate Marketing Is A Competitive Business

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