Affiliate Tips For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners (The Do’s)

Affiliate Tips For Beginners

  • Do a ‘review’ search for a particular opportunity if you are unsure about the value or trustworthiness of a particular program.
  • Do be sure you have your questions answered by the affiliate manager before you venture forth.
  • Do try all types of marketing within your budget – Twitter, Facebook, Google/Bing/Yahoo Search, Solo Ads, etc. before throwing in the towel.
  • Do try to stay focused on one venture at a time and avoid getting distracted by every new opportunity that shows up in your inbox.
  • Do remove yourself from any marketing list that distracts you from the tasks at hand.
  • Do join affiliate marketing forums, ask questions, interact and learn from other affiliate marketers.
  • Do make sure that you understand any terms and conditions placed upon you the affiliate by the network you are promoting. Don’t mix programs if you are not allowed to.
  • Do check that your affiliate link goes to your affiliate account use the tracking statistics provided by the program you are using.
  • Do test your order affiliate links to be sure that any vendors’ product you are promoting through Clickbank or JVzoo is still using that platform as their affiliate program.
  • Do make sure you keep your affiliate links in a safe place.
  • Do make sure that your images are clickable and go to the right site when they are clicked on.
  •  Do make sure that your images show up on your website and that you have added ‘alt’ text for improved search engine rankings.

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