Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners (The Don’ts)

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners - The Don'ts
 The Dont’s
  • Don’t waste your time marketing a product or service if you are not making any sales.
  • Don’t send anyone email messages unless they have agreed to be on your list.
  • Don’t try to skirt the rules of any policy agreements you have agreed to your affiliate networks .
  • Don’t overload your website with lots of rotating or flashing banners. Treat your visitors as guests and do not torture them with blinking lights that violate articles of the Geneva Convention.
  • Don’t ignore marketing materials an affiliate manage may have provided you. In many cases they have been A/B tested and can be very helpful in getting sales.
  • Don’t trust marketers who tell you that you can expect to earn a fortune overnight. It just doesn’t happen. Anyone who tells you that is lying.
  • Don’t quit. If you are rejected by one affiliate network apply to another. 

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