Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate Marketing Scams Can Be Avoided

If your new to online sales and interested in learning the ropes, it’s important to realize that many of the courses out there are simply affiliate marketing scams. We’ve discussed in previous posts the pros and cons about becoming an online marketer, but once you have decided to give it a try you should know that, because of the lure of easy money, there is a considerable rip-off sector that preys on inexperienced newbies. Truth be told, many affiliates have gone aground on those pleasant beaches highlighting a smiling model with a pina colada in one hand and a laptop in the other. Unfortunately, the entire industry is shadowed by the less than reputable among us and generalizations about online businesses abound.

The lure of affiliate marketing is self-evident. Higher broadband speeds, the convenience of working from home, the increased functionality of smartphones and the desire to run your own business all contribute to a thriving market for software, courses and communities that will further your business goals. In that mix, you will find a certain proportion of affiliate marketing scams that will be only too happy to take your money. Affiliate Marketing Scams

Don’t be mislead by these affiliate marketing scams. There are numerous tools that are very professional and will help your business grow. Your task is to separate the wheat from the chaff and avoid the underbelly of the online marketing world. There are some parameters to look at more closely and we will examine them below:

  1. Make sure the company has a website and not just a landing page.
  2. Check out the website owner at
  3. Be sure support is provided. Send an email to see how they respond.
  4. An email on the contact page is great. An address with a phone number is better. Check to see if the address information can be found in the online White Pages Directory.
  5. Run a scam search on Google. Keep in mind that many know that this type of search is very popular and post attention-getting reviews that are essentially product endorsements with their own affiliate links.
  6. The Warrior Forum often has member feedback on various opportunities. Do a search there for more information or post an inquiry in the Internet Marketing section.
  7. See if they have Facebook page or are active on Twitter. Is there a lot of positive interaction and support?
  8. Lastly, don’t mistake advertising hype for affiliate marketing scams. It’s a very competitive business, and every company is looking for an edge. Case in point: When someone says it’s possible to make $1,000 a day it may very well be true because the advertiser is doing so. That might not be true for you, particularly when you are new to the program, but it’s not a lie and, with the right attitude and proper diligence, it might be attainable for you one day.

Internet marketing is a popular choice for many. You can make your own hours, work from home and be your own boss. Nevertheless, due diligence is needed to get started on the right foot. Affiliate marketing scams are a notorious blot on the landscape, but if you proceed with your eyes wide open you don’t need to fall for them.

Affiliate Marketing Is A Competitive Business

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