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How To Get Started With This Affiliate Marketing Checklist

Affiliate Marketing Checklist

Becoming an affiliate marketer can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. But you need to have some idea of what is the most effective way to accomplish your goals. This affiliate marketing checklist should help clear the path:

Successful affiliates make their money selling other people’s products. The secret to their success is that they love what they do and love what they sell. And they treat the products they sell as if it had their own name on the cover.

Experienced affiliates know, often by trial and error, that you need to spend money in order to make money. Affiliate marketing pros are small business owners and, like business owners everywhere, investments in the enterprise are a necessity. Do no be deluded by the occasional promotion that insists you’ll have to do nothing or pay nothing.

Potential customers and followers are often on more than one list. When becoming an affiliate marketer, you should consider avoiding cookie cutter email campaigns. While so-called ‘swipe’ emails are promoted in certain affiliate opportunities, you’ll want to try to stand out from the crowd with original copy if you can. Have no writing ability? Take a course or hire a freelancer. As noted, investing in a successful affiliate marketing business requires investment.

Affiliate Marketing Checklist

Affiliate sites like ShareASale, CJClickBank and JVZoo are places where you can find a number of excellent affiliate programs to choose from. If you are interested in selling gift baskets, say, you’ll find a number of opportunities that may be of interest.

A popular and effective way to select a product or service is to see if other markers are promoting it. Competition means the product can be sold successfully, not a reason to go elsewhere.

Be sure that the product in question is promoted on a compelling landing page. If the website looks sleazy and the copy puts you to sleep, you are better off choosing something else. Still, if you simply believe in the product and decide that the problem is that the quality of the promotion doesn’t do it justice, develop your own landing page and add new copy.

If you are serious about becoming involved with making money online, your affiliate marketing checklist should include your own website or landing page. There’s no better way to stand out from the crowd than to have your own landing pages or website. You can include promotional videos, article posts, product reviews and giveaways like free ebooks and reports.

With a blog devoted to your niche, you can attract a targeted audience that is interested in not only what you have to say, but also what you have to sell. Make it easier with problem-solving content and outstanding customer service. Inspire visitors to sign up for your mailing list so you can continue to give them valuable tips and information about the product over time. Build trust and confidence with helpful emails and, over time, your niche blog can become a go-to source for an increasing number of followers.

As with ‘swipe’ email files and other established content, you should consider improving upon the initial promotional landing page – even if you think is of high quality. Again, you are seeking to distance yourself a bit from your competitors with an original presentation. Offer a free bonus product as an added incentive.

There a lot of methods to get traffic to your website, from the relatively free and lengthy process of search engine optimization to purchasing solo ads for an overnight barrage of your email at .60 per subscriber. Perhaps the most effective is an investment pay-per-click with Adwords, Bing or Facebook. Start here and branch out into other platforms when you’ve gained confidence.

The bottom line for those interested in becoming a successful marketer is to add one last item to your affiliate marketing checklist. And that is that you will become your own man (or woman) and branch out from the pack. You can start by using different keywords than your competitors, develop your own banners, write your own sales copy, and use different images.

There are a few different skills here, but, if some of this is above your pay grade, don’t be shy about going to Upwork or Fiverr to contract out some of the work.

You will certainly benefit from some marketing courses. It may be the most important item on an affiliate marketing checklist. Here’s the perfect offer to get you started…

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