The Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing Business: What You Need To Know

There’s often a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of the affiliate marketing business on the Warrior Forum. These are interesting discussions because there are many points of view and there’s something to be said for most of them. Nevertheless, developing some aptitude for digital marketing as an affiliate and setting up an ecommerce site are different paths with different methodologies that can be mastered. You need to decide what is your focus before you begin in earnest.

The next step is to consider what you have the most of? Time or money? If you have neither you are going to have a very hard time of it, in either ecommerce or internet marketing in general. The Affiliate Marketing Business

If you are someone whose time is limited you should probably devote what little free time you have to studying the market, reading this forum, joining some Facebook groups, watching YouTube training videos, finding a coach, reviewing various courses, checking out JVZoo and Clickbank to see what people are selling, etc.

If you have some money, I’d learn something about paid traffic and do some testing. This is the age of ‘done for you’ marketing opportunities. This means that, at least initially, everything is set up for you with your unique link – your landing page or website, promotional materials, ad copy, email content, webinars and video instruction on how to set everything up. This is a very popular way for many to get into the affiliate marketing business.

The kicker is you have to send traffic to this done-for-you set-up and, unless you are extremely patient, your going to have to drop a few dimes to acquire visitors. There are various methods and they can also be frustrating. Facebook, Bing, YouTube and Google. List building. Solo Ads. Banner Ads. 2nd tier advertising platform, etc.

I’m not going to suggest or preclude any of these methods. There are various opinions on the effectiveness, cost and learning curve of each. It’s probably best for you to find your own way.

People usually fail in the affiliate marketing business because they give up too easily. I suppose ‘easily’ is a subjective opinion, but often they fail with one method and label it a scam and look at every opportunity through that lens. Or, similarly, they expect that they can make money without either investing in their business or putting in some effort.

The affiliate marketing business and online marketing in general attracts a lot of people because the idea of being your own boss with your own schedule, or raking in the dough while your lolling about on some sun-drenched pacific resort is a powerful inducement.

But you need to get real about it. Work with a coach. Join a marketing community. And, if your serious and can maintain your focus, you can ultimately create a successful affiliate marketing business and, perhaps someday, create your own products.

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Affiliate Marketing Is A Competitive Business

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