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Advertising With No Money Tips – Even If You Can Afford It

Advertising With No Money Even If You Can Afford It

Advertising with no money is a constant challenge for many new affiliate marketers. Experience suggest that Facebook is probably the best platform to get some good results.

You begin with a page pertaining to your product(s), start a group and/or make friends with those interested in your niche. Competitors can often become your customers and their input can often help your own business.

Advertising with no money can also be strengthened by taking advantage of your particular skill set. Depending on your talents, personality and drive, you can add podcasts, videos, live sessions, quizzes, trivia contests and find other ways of interacting.

One thing I do is ‘like’ a page when requested (unless it’s too political, provactive, obscene, etc.) I also take the time to wish my friends Happy Birthday with a line like ‘Happy Birthday! Same day as Ansel Adams, Sidney Poitier and Curt Cobain.’ Too hokey? Maybe, but most folks like to know that their friends are thinking of them – even if its only once a year.

Additionally, with a Facebook page or group you can use a free tool like Mobile Monkey to capture leads. And with a small email list you would not have to invest in an autoresponder (yet).

Another effective strategy to garner interest is to offer a quiz to followers and visitors. You can easily create a quiz with a tool like Lead Quizzes.

In addition to my affiliate marketing page I have one for learning Spanish and another with the topic ‘ecookbooks.’ Frankly, I don’t recall how I became interested in these and my experience with both is limited. Still, to this day, hese pages get a lot of visitors without a lot of active promotion from me – I just add new content occasionally.

The reason being, I guess, is that they are relatively popular niches and your success without any investment will probably depend a lot on the old adage ‘not too hot and not too cold.’

As I mentioned, I don’t have much of a background in the aforementioned niches so I occasionally rely on curated content which is perfect legal if proper credit is given. This could be your key to advertising with no money, particularly i

f you also use a free tool like Sniply you can add a call-to-action link to the product you are promoting. Here’s an example:

30 Tips for Great Digital Marketing (Duct Tape Marketing) – https://zcu.io/l6YW

You can rinse and repeat this process on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.

I have been up and down in my affiliate marketing career and I am no stranger to advertising with no money to invest or the occasional small, experimental investment. And I must say doing affiliate marketing with money to spend is much, much better. It’s a lot easier and you have more free time to open up other avenues of promotion.

When all is said and done, another old adage to keep in mind: ‘time is money’ and meaningful success as an affiliate marketer without any cash can take a long, long time. In fact, it’s said that 97% of affiliate marketers give up over time because advertising with no money is defintely one of the biggest stumbling blocks.

Whatever benefits you might seek as an affiliate marketer – being your own boss, working when you feel like it, etc. – can be easily outweighed by the fact that you could actually be making a living with a traditional job.

For many, that is the most practical way of becoming a full-time affiliate marketer and, who knows, you could become a product developer or course creator over time.

None of this is meant to discourage – only to make sure you realize exactly what your getting into. Your chances of success while advertsing with no money to invest are low, but not impossible if you can stick with it for the long haul.

Portions of this post appeared in response to a question on Quora.

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