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The Advantages Of Native Ads As A Simple Business Strategy

Advantages Of Native Ads

Are you familiar with the value of some of the content distribution networks and how the advantages of native ads can benefit your business?

You may have fantasized occasionally about the kind of traffic you might receive if you could afford to advertise on the websites run by some of the major television networks. Providing content to content distribution networks can help you do this for a fraction of the cost of buying an ad.

Advertising via content creation has been proven to outperform traditional ads because they are more highly targeted and they do not resemble the advertisements you usually encounter on the web.

It may seem counterintuitive but, because your post will blend in with the other content on the platform, you will be advertising without seeming to advertise. You’ll be providing engaging material the can build brand awareness and attract more visitors to your website or blog.

Instead of creating a brief synopsis for Google or Bing, you will have an entire blog post or article to state your case. With the traditional PPC method it is usually obvious that you are trying to sell a product or attract leads, and they often direct visitors to a bare bones landing page.

If your work is finely targeted, creating material for content discovery networks is a much more subtle way getting your product or service before the public.

Similarly, most landing pages have a headline, some bullet points and a sign-up form connected to Aweber or Active Campaign. Rarely do you see a lot of in-depth content of value in these initial encounters.

The message you provide via the content distribution networks can offer considerable more information, more pertinence and a more relaxed, engaging and inviting style.

The Advantages of Native Ads Can Be Developed With These Content Distribution Networks:


As one of the largest content discovery networks, Outbrain features many

popular media outlets like Forbes and People Magazine. Others include Reuters and Fast Company. Unlike some other platforms, OutBrain editors decide where your content will appear. This can be helpful if you are unsure as to where your content will be most effective.


Once a video recommendation network, Taboola has become a leading content discovery provider for publications media powerhouses like NBC, Yahoo and Business Insider.

With Taboola you’ll get real-time information as to how your content is performing so that you can adjust as needed.


RevContent is a proud of their ability to connect you with the perfect audience. This is often recommended as the best network to begin with. Their publishers include Newsweek, Reuters and International Business Times among others.

Content Ad

This service states that they ‘seamlessly integrate branded content into web publishers’ environments’ while serving a very large community of advertisers. Their publishers include media giants like ABC news and Reader’s Digest.

Other Content Distribution Networks Include:


Media Gravity


Triple Lift


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But if you want to further explore the advantages of native ads it would be useful to have a full understanding of the strategies and techniques that are available.

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