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Affiliate Counselor, About Me: It’s The Vision Thing

An affiliate counselor? Unlike many of my colleagues, I did not start out losing a small fortune in internet marketing and I did not wake up one night with an epiphany that enabled me to become a millionaire overnight.

I was relatively content with these profits because I was working full-time and this was extra income and it was all essentially drop shipping with a minimal investment on my part.

But the job ended and the best goal I could imagine for myself in the ensuing months was to have 1,000 positive reviews on Ebay.

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The Vision Thing

Well, needless to say, if my primary source of income was going to be online sales, I was doing a tightrope act over a quicksand pit. 

I began to spend a lot of time researching various online marketing methods. I found many useful products and many excellent tips about online sales and marketing in general. In particular, I had developed some SEO skills and website development abilities. This knowledge is why I feel comfortable referring to myself as an affiliate counselor.

There was, in fact, one problem with my education. There was all that these useful tips (sometimes contradictory, by the way) and they was scattered hither and yon. My education was considerable, but it took years to develop. Some of my education cost me money and, here again, was a hit or miss proposition as to the value of the instruction.

Another important lesson for me was that, while many of my commercial products were decent (they still are) and my commissions were growing, the rewards were limited. Even with upsells, the take-home was usually less than 3 figures. 

What this blog is about is sharing my knowledge about building a more profitable business and expanding my vision to incorporate high-ticket sales and an ever-growing understanding about marketing online. I will be expanding upon these insights in many of the posts contained herein.

Yes, as an affiliate counselor I can be of service to you and help with your own business goals. But, rest assured, I won’t be coming from a perspective of ‘greed is good.’ You can make your own decisions about that. I’ll be emphasizing the ways in which you can master your niche and become successful at what you do.

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