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Zombie Commissions Of The Undead

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You can make money from “zombies”.

Here’s how:

Typically when you run an affiliate promotion you make sales and then it’s done right?

Commissions Of The Undead

The promo is dead and you move onto the next one.

Well, what if you could bring all your affiliate promotions back to life (like zombies) and make money from them forever?

You can.

It’s called a “Hot Page” and it includes a description of every affiliate link you’ve ever promoted and a link for people to go and buy it.

Now of course you could manually start trying to piece together a page like that.

And while it’d be as interesting as watching paint dry (and more time-consuming) it is possible.

The easier way, however, is just to use this simple software I’ve found.

It not only cloaks your links (so nobody can steal your commissions) but also creates a “Hot Page” for you on the fly.

So after you’ve put out a few affiliate promos you’ll have this auto-created “Hot Page” on your website making money for you on demand.


Here’s how to get started…

Use Coupon Code “gimme10” to get $10 off the already low price.

Plus – for buying through my link you’re also getting this special free bonus;

You’re getting “Affiliate Millions” from millionaire affiliate Michael Cheney ($197 value).

You get 10 breakthrough affiliate marketing videos so you can watch over Michael’s shoulder as he creates winning affiliate campaigns right in front of your eyes. This is yours as a free bonus when you grab the program here…

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