Writing Good Content

Writing Good Content And The Search Engines

Ironically, writing good content is often the last thing on the mind of a new blogger when building a site. Driving traffic and getting it immediately is often the main impetus for a blogger just starting out. This is a bass ackwards approach as your content should be of the highest quality in order to build an audience that’s interested in what you have to say.

There are many ways to slap together a bevy of posts related to your niche. But to be successful you’ll want to be writing good content that encompasses relevant topics, opinion and useful information. This is way to build a following and generate a flow of traffic.

Depending on your niche, writing good content may ultimately be the easiest part of the process. After all, there are many with excellent writing skills and, depending on your budget, much of the work can be handled by freelancers. The hard part, for many, is having the patience to attract visitors. Again, depending on your budget, there are numerous ways to drive traffic, but that is another blog post (see How To Increase Blog Traffic and How To Increase Website Traffic). Here we are talking about garnering traffic solely on the merits of the blog in a very competitive environment. Writing Good Content

Always keep your target audience in mind when writing good content. What are their worries, interests, problems or passions? Most good content answers a question, provides some tips or solves a problem. You can also count on opinion pieces if they have a bit of flair in their composition.

Another helpful suggestion to keep in mind is to deal with material that will remain relevant over time. The news or fad of the day might not stand the test of time. Hyping the latest Facebook ad strategy or SEO technique might not be useful strategies in a year or two, so try to deal with subjects that you feel sure will still be topical for the foreseeable future.

Be sure that your content can be shared easily. If you are using WordPress there are numerous plugins that can help your readers connect with Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest or Linkedin. Including videos, compelling images and infographics can also be helpful in inspiring a visitor’s desire to share.

Writing good content on a regular basis will also help your blog get noticed in the search engines. This is particularly true when your blog is new and has limited content to choose from. It’s often recommend to write posts that are at least 1,000 words in length. While this is generally good advice, it is not a requirement. A mixture of long posts and short will do just fine.

The more content that’s added over time, the more opportunities there are for the search engines to find you and the more you appear in the search engines the more likely you are to get more traffic. The search engines are attracted to new content so the more you contribute the better.

Lastly, keywords should be an important part of your strategy. What’s known as a ‘long tail keyword’ is the preferred method. Here we are talking about the same 3 or 4 words that should be repeated a few times within your post and should comprise part of all of your title and should be added to your description. This tactic is recommended because ranking for a smaller keyword sequence usually has considerable competition and a longer sequence usually has much less.

There are many tips for getting your blog noticed. But, at the end of the day, it is writing good content that will stand the test of time and lead to more visitors. There are few endeavors that require as much patience as developing a blog and staying with it for the long term. It is a competitive environment, but quality will prevail over time.

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