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Writing Blog Posts – How To Start A Successful Blog Video #8

Writing blog posts with some consistency is usually the biggest stumbling block in starting a successful site that can makes money. This video explores the best ways to meet this challenge.

While the current recommendation is to create posts that are at least 1,000 words in length, there is no statistical evidence that guarantees a better ranking in the search engines with this approach. Yoast, a WordPress SEO guide plugin, recommends a minimum of 300 words. Still, if you are committed to a much longer length, see if you can add a video version. It can help with visitor retention. Writing Blog Posts

Assuming you are passionate about your subject, it shouldn’t be that difficult to put pen to paper. If not, you always can forward your idea to a freelancer. If you find the writing difficult, you might be able to get some sort of a rough draft by discussing your theme using the voice recorder on your mobile phone. This can also be sent for proofreading to a freelancer.

Again, for a video or a podcast version of your article, Fiverr is good place to sent your article for conversion. The cost is minimal and there are some talented folks on this platform that can help you with this.

Another way of writing blog posts is to begin by working backwards. If you recall the method for finding popular articles outlined in video #7, you can use one of these posts as a guide. We are not suggesting plagiarizing here. We are talking about improving upon the topic idea with more detail or coming from a different slant. In other words, we are taking a successful topic and breathing new life into the effort.

The narrator goes into great detail about how to do this using ‘lowering cholesterol’ as an example of how develop material from various perspectives. Again, this information gathering process can be the basis of your own articles, or the information can be given to a freelancer to complete the composition part for you.

For more detailed ideas about writing blog posts from several different directions, The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas by Digital Marketer is recommended. It’s a long article, but it’s interspersed with videos.

The last video in our How To Create A Successful Blog and Make Money will address the topic of choosing a blog platform.

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