Web Marketing Mythology

Web Marketing Mythologies Considered

It’s the message, not the medium. In many ways it is the web marketing mythologies and hyperbole that encourages the belief that you can make a fortune overnight. How many ads have you run into that proclaim ‘All Done For You’ or ‘How I Make $5,000 An Hour While Lying On My Hammock”? This all goes back to the good old days when the internet was the new frontier and marketing embellishment was a way of life. It has given the IM niche a bad reputation among the general public and generalizations about the sector continue to linger.  Web Marketing Mythology

No one would think of creating a brick and mortar business without investing and that holds true for most legitimate internet businesses that advertise on Facebook and elsewhere. It is only with many of the marketing course offerings and the attendant affiliate opportunities that many with eyes bigger than their stomachs begin to appear with the belief that, because they were handy with computers in high school, they can make a killing in internet marketing without any dough.

I have empathy for both the marketer and the potential customer. Web marketing is an extremely competitive sector and any legitimate hook is worth exploring. When some guru says they are making $100,000 a month it can certainly be true. And very rarely a new affiliate can eventually attain that goal, but usually after much time, money and effort. 

I appreciate that newbie’s dilemma as well. After all, who would not be tempted by the idea of a 4 hour work week and a luxurious lifestyle? Most fail at this, of course, and if you are not prepared to make some investment in the beginning, your chances of failing are even greater.

Still, failure can often be the best teacher in web marketing. But you have to stop blaming the marketers and learn from your own gullibility, lack of effort and greed. If you are truly interested in succeeding in this business, you need to take your lumps and keep trying.

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