Traffic Exchanges: Get More Traffic To Your Website?

Traffic exchanges have a bad rap. I haven’t visited one in years, somewhat sure that these sites were for newbies only. But I stumbled on a few and I thought I take another look.

No doubt, traffic exchanges have a bad rap. In some instances you feel you are preaching to the converted. In others, you can’t be quite sure if you are getting the hits you deserve.

Some sites stand out however. They have been around since before Google was a household word. They must be doing something right. TrafficSwarm, for instance, has registered 1,570,031 members since 2004. And EasyHits4U has delivered billions of ad views and site visits since 2003. Both have free and paid options. Traffic Exchanges

There are 2 things I have learned using these sites after several years and a little more experience:

#1 is that these exchanges should not be used for selling products. They should be used for list building and list building only. Too many of the sites are filled with endless copy and video presentations. You need to capture attention in a brief period. A simple landing page with a fee offer to garner sign-ups is the best way to go. You can sell your products to this list at a later time. 

The 2nd interesting aspect of surfing the traffic exchanges for me is that you get to see what the competition is doing.  What are they offering and what grabs your attention and what does not? In fact, if you have an interest in internet marketing you might sign up for one of these offers. Yes, the whole point of these exchanges is to appeal to other internet marketers.

My suggestion is to give these original sites a try and see if it improves your traffic results. Concerned about getting the hits you earned or paid for? Use a free service like statcounter to track your hits.

 The truth about the traffic exchanges is that you need to politely disregard some of the negative reviews online and see for yourself what works and what does not. Give it some time and decide for yourself if the traffic exchanges can be an effective tool in getting more traffic to your business.

There are several other traffic exchanges that are often recommended. Here are few: 




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