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Facebook Group Page Possibilities

After you’ve become a bit more comfortable with marketing your niche, you might want to consider setting up a Facebook group page. These pages get more exposure than simple Fanpage and they can provide

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Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic On The Major PPC Platforms

For internet marketers, there should be a word of caution when you contemplate getting paid traffic to your website. Probably the most effective way is via PPC advertising and the most reputable sources

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For Fun And Profit

Social media sites are gradually becoming the most popular hangouts on the internet superhighway and social media marketing is an important factor in anyone’s desire to promote their business –

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Social Media Marketing Lemonade

Social Media Marketing: Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

My own personal experience with social media marketing is that some platforms are better than others for promoting the internet marketing niche. I get a lot out of Twitter, but Facebook is a jungle when

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Promoting Your Business On The Internet

Promoting Your Business On The Internet (Top 5)

Aside from paying for advertising, there are some free or low costs methods for promoting your business on the internet. Some of them may be obvious too you, but others may be opportunities you have not

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Online Advertising Strategies

Online Advertising Strategies To Stand Out From The Crowd

If you have a product or service to sell and have some idea of a demographic that would be interested in what you have to offer, then you should consider employing some online advertising strategies to

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