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Starting Your Own Brand

Starting Your Own Brand Online
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Starting your own brand can begin with the use of  catchy wordplays (SocialSquid, say, or Kuxo), to the use of keywords that describe a product or niche like Stock Photos or Cashout Loans. Xerox is good historical branding example. It had no discernible meaning at its inception, but now its interchangeable with the concept of photocopying. Starting Your Own Brand Online

In order to develop a brand name for today’s online marketplace, your best bet is to use a name that is descriptive of what service or product your company represents.

If you have a domain name, that’s a form of business branding, just like your business name is. These tend to be more expressing of the products and services offered rather than of the personal qualities of the owner. In the past, in conventional advertising, you would know the business name before you learned the owner’s name. However, with so many people using social networks these days, personal branding is becoming as equally important in business and company branding.

Learn more inside this free ebook about starting your own brand online and how it can increase your profit outlook over time.

You can download the free ebook starting your own brand here…


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