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Signature Marketing On Popular Internet Forums

One of the ways to build a following or to simply to get more visitors to your site is to do some signature marketing on sites like The Warrior Forum, Wickedfire, Digital Point and, of course, Facebook.

All of these site provide you with and opportunity to include a signature in all of your posts. Your signature could be a link back to your website or to an affiliate offer you are currently promoting.

The key element in signature marketing is that it is simply a subtle sign in your marketing window. You are not actively promoting anything. In fact, your posts in these forums should be confined to personal opinions, responses to questions and helpful suggestions when these opportunities arise. Indeed, any active promotion is a no-no on the forums and these kinds of posts will be censored and could ultimately lead to your banishment if you continue to offend (see Affiliate Marketing Forum Etiquette).

Signature marketing can be helpful in building your business, but it will only be effective if you have something useful to say. If you are new to these forums you should probably hang back for a while and monitor the conversations before diving in. Remember, your comments should be helpful and, while you don’t need to come across as the smartest person in the class, you should be able to respond and address most posts with a measure of authority. Signature Marketing

Each of the aforementioned forums has their own way of adding a signature marketing link to your account. Facebook, of course, has multiple ways of getting your name or company into the mix and it has become the most popular platform for developing a forum.

Still, The Warrior Forum , in particular, should not be neglected. It has been around for many years and it is easy to navigate and, indeed, is a convenient and practical way to expand your own knowledge. Checking in here from time to time can be an excellent tutorial on the various trends in the industry along with individual product reviews and commentary on various marketing gurus and teachers.

You can read more about signature marketing at Marketing Forum Strategies and Finding The Right Internet Forum For You.

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