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Paid Traffic On The Major PPC Platforms

For internet marketers, there should be a word of caution when you contemplate getting paid traffic to your website. Probably the most effective way is via PPC advertising and the most reputable sources are Google Adwords (along with YouTube), Bing/Yahoo and Facebook.

Each of these paid traffic sources has a learning curve, some steeper than others. Google Adwords has a variety of strategies that can be employed and, while the instructions are not the easiest to understand, the basics can be mastered fairly quickly. The deeper complexities can be learned over time and, if you decide to work with Google Adwords, your best bet is to keep Google as your ad platform of choice and to dig deeper until you have grasped all the details. Paid Traffic

Bing, on the other hand, is a simpler platform and they provide some introductory tutorials to get you up and running fairly quickly. Bing, while it doesn’t have the reach of Adwords and Facebook, is a lot less expensive and is probably the ideal solution for those internet marketers on a smaller budget.

Paid traffic on Facebook seems to be all the rage among internet marketers. If you are selling items like Peruvian coffee or gift baskets, Facebook is an ideal platform (though I hear that with the personalized T-shirt market has become impossible to find a foothold). Facebook is not as expensive as Adwords, is generally easier to learn and has some excellent targeting features that can be a marketer’s dream.

Still, while selling phone plans and energy drinks is one thing, selling internet marketing courses is quite another. Once you get best Facebook’s notorious auto bot censors, there are a few other considerations you need to examine. Google, too, can be quite picky about which ads are approved, but Google is quite happy to discuss the matter and will work with you to rectify the situation.

I see that almost every course you run into these days has a ‘Mastering Facebook Advertising’ option, and I am quite confident that most of these instructors know what they are talking about. Nevertheless, while it’s no secret, what most of these folks don’t mention about their success is that they spend thousands of dollars each week on advertising and their leads can cost as much as $8 per person.

That’s capitalism, of course, and no one is begrudging anyone’s marketing strategies. The problem is that many marketers believe they can attain similar results on a shoe-string budget. After checking my Facebook feed, I see a lot of affiliates are promoting the same courses, ultimately disqualifying their affiliate links and being overshadowed by their sheer volume of advertisements by their mentors.

I am suggesting that advertising internet marketing courses on Facebook is a risky proposition. The market is over-saturated and the competition is much too fierce to get positive results for most budgets.

Frankly, paid traffic from either Google Adwords or Bing is a much better bet for your advertising dollars. The competition is considerably less frenetic and the likelihood of building a profitable business is considerably greater.

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