Optimizing Wordpress

Optimizing WordPress With Plugins To Increase Engagement

It doesn’t much matter if you are an affiliate or a product creator, optimizing WordPress will take you beyond the bare bones of the platform and help you increase engagement, build a list and garner more sales. We are talking, of course, about working with various plugins that will expand the capabilities of WordPress and add functionality to your site.

Robust plugins like Thrive Themes, Instabuilder and OptimizePress can help you add professional-looking sales pages to your WordPress site and you don’t have to be a geek to transcend the learning curve on either of these popular add-ons.

Each of these plugins come with drag and drop development, video capabilities and integration with popular autoresponder platforms. Traditional refund policies and 30 day trials are applicable. You can experiment to see which plugin is right for you. Optimizing WordPress

While optimizing WordPress with the sale page creation plugins can make the most difference in the appearance of your site, there are a number of other plugin categories that you might not have considered. Calendars and project management plugins, contact form builders, image gallery sliders, social media feeds, ecommerce functionality, testimonial widgets, news feeds, membership platforms, affiliate management resources as well as SEO and website security protection programs, just to name a few.

In fact, if you’re not a programmer and wish to have increased functionality or solve a problem, there is probably a WordPress plugin in on the market that can help. Additionally, not unlike the app market, the tools for optimizing WordPress are growing by leaps and bound every day. Many are free, or at least have a free version which lacks some of the capabilities of the premium plugin.

The number of WordPress users is also growing. It’s rare to find a hosting provider that doesn’t have a free installer to build a WordPress site. While getting started may seem like a daunting task, its relatively easy to get the hang of.

There are numerous tutorials available online to help you get started (List Building: Setting Up Email And WordPress, for instance) and you can be up and running in no time. It won’t be long before mastering the basics will make you hungry for more, and optimizing WordPress will become a pleasant task rather than an exasperating stumbling block.

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