New Product Launch Marketing Plan

New Product Launch Marketing Plan

Developing a product and putting it in place and creating a new product launch marketing plan is not as difficult as it might seem. Creating the product may seem out of reach for many, but outsourcing the work is a solution for many. The following suggestions are based on the assumption that you have a quality product or are planning one, and that you have some familiarity with the JVZoo Partners Platform.

First, create a landing page that describes your product and the expected release date. Do this at least a few months before the actual launch. Be aware that it’s best to need partners-affiliates to increase sales. Let your new partners have early access to your product and seriously evaluate any suggestions they might have. New Product Launch Marketing Plan

The launch date is a serious matter. Make sure you give yourself enough time when you develop your new product launch marketing plan. Not only will your credibility be diminished by missing the date, but you are likely to have a number of disappointed partners who will move on to other ventures. As the date approaches, be sure that everything is running according to plan. Take a very close look at the sales funnel process, the landing pages, the email swipes, the download process, and the social media connections to be sure there are no glitches. Finally, notify your partners list that everything is ready to go.

It’s a good idea to have a leaderboard as part of your new product launch marketing plan. Here your partners will be able to see who are making the most sales over a set period of time. The typical launch period lasts for a few days up to a few weeks and sales can slow at any time. Staying in touch with your partners and offering encouragement during the launch period is helpful. Be sure to take their suggestions, problems and feedback to heart and make improvements where possible. Offering frequent updates of the leaderboard statistics is a helpful way to keep your partners focused on the task at hand and can lead to additional sales.

As your product launch phase draws to a close, you might want to consider a last blast of encouragement before the project winds down. Remind your partners of the leaderboard statistics and that there’s still time to win a prize. At the conclusion of the launch, announce the prize winners and be sure to heartily thank everyone who participated.

The last, but not least, phase of your new product launch marketing plan should be to ensure that your new customers are satisfied with their purchase. As one phase ends, a new one begins: Continuing to keep a positive relationship with your new customers. Helpful emails with additional information and is a good way to do this and more purchases from these new customers can be the result.

Truthfully, your business is more likely to be a success if you can get beyond the one-off new product launch and cultivate long-term customer retention.

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