Marketing Success: Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

The good news for internet marketers that are cynical about the constant stream of new products and courses is that the majority of these offerings can work for you if you do your part in making them work for your marketing success.

The problem is, or was, or continues to be, the belief that no work is required. Remember those ads with the guy on a beach, a tropical beverage in one hand and a laptop in the other? Well, the laptop isn’t just for show. It’s an essential element in running a business. Marketing Success

Advertising on the internet has gone through many stages. There was a time in the early days when the only advertisers online were gambling sites, porno palaces and get-rich-quick schemes. No more. And many advertising platforms now employ bots to weed out what they consider to be poor advertising practices.

Still, while the most egregious ads have limited visibility, there’s enough winking and nodding to entice the most jaded of internet marketers. I must admit that I have occasionally been so dumbfounded that I have purchased a product just to see how such an outrageous claim could be contrived.

What we are driving at is that if anyone is telling you that marketing success can be yours overnight you probably should avoid this particular product. The only people who get rich overnight are those that have won the lottery or have had some good fortune from another source.

It’s work emphasizing that internet marketing is a business, and a business requires an investment of time and resources to become successful. The only question is are you willing to make that kind of commitment to ultimately succeed.

I am constantly amazed at the number of people who cannot or will not grasp these elements for building a business. There’s a mindset that minimal work is required and that everything can be accomplished on the cheap. Think again if you are serious about marketing success.

No, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to become successful, but it will certainly take longer if you don’t have the resources to advertise, build a mailing list and invest in product creation. Yes, you can start out slow and build gradually to make your business profitable over time. And, most pertinently, you’ll be working a lot harder than the guy who can afford to outsource or invest in solo ad buys.

The point here is not to discourage anyone, but to point out that if you think that just because you were good with computers in high school you’ll be able to game the system and make a killing. You are engaging in wishful thinking and you will more than likely chase after those get-rich-quick promotions that will ultimately make you bitter and cynical about internet marketing. 

Take marketing success seriously. Understand that work and likely investing some money is involved. Try some courses. Find a coach that you feel comfortable with and prepare to learn and ultimately earn your way to profitability.

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