Instagram For Business

Instagram For Business

Instagram for business is a marketing strategy I had not considered until recently. The new Facebook umbrella undoubtedly gave me the impetus to give this popular platform a second look.

If you’re not sure exactly what Instagram is all about, let me briefly describe it as an online social network where images are the primary method of interaction, with the focus being primarily the sharing of photos among family and friends.

What does this have to do with business? A very good question. Instagram for business is gaining in popularity because many companies have discovered strategies here for marketing their products and building brand recognition.

Instagram For BusinessWith the exception of Snapchat, the Instagram app has taken off faster than any other social media platform in the last few years and it is certainly the reason that Facebook made the investment.

Instagram claims over 100 million monthly active users with several million photos uploaded to the site every day. Additionally, analytics show that there are over 5,000 ‘Likes’ and countless comments added to the site every second.

Businesses appreciate the fact that Instagram has an enormous user base. Then too, with hashtags and geotags it is very easy to find specific brand, products and pertinent information very quickly and easily.

What To Keep In Mind About Instagram For Business

While much of the attraction is true of many social platforms, there’s also a major difference to consider with Instagram. It is only accessible from a mobile device and any business plan you may decide to implement needs to keep that essential difference in mind.

You or any potential customers will need a mobile device like a smartphone, iPad, or an android or windows tablet and you’ll need to download the iPhone or Android app to your mobile device to set up your Instagram account.

Please note that all accounts are public unless otherwise indicated and, for business purposes, it makes no sense to have a private one. If for some reason you want a private account, only those whom you approve can view your photos.

Once you join Instagram you have the option to change profile pictures and edit any information you added to your profile. As with Twitter, you have a limited number of characters to create a profile and you’ll want to compose a succinct but descriptive bio. It’s also a good idea to include a link to your business website.

Then you can take photos, upload them and make edits in real time and quickly share them on other social media platforms. Additionally, your photos can be shared, liked and commented on by your friends, followers or the entire Instagram community at large.

If you own a business and have products to promote, the idea of hundreds (if not thousands) of surfers commenting and sharing your promotional photos is a powerful attraction.

Essentially, Instagram for business can be marketing heaven where you can create awareness about

your product or services and increase the online popularity of your brand. The photos and album collections on Instagram can go a long way in giving your company a personality not easily acquired on many other social media platforms.

If your curious as to how some of the larger brands are using Instagram, do a search for brands

like Nike, Coca-Cola, Subway, Spotify or Best Buy and take note on how uploading a nice photo or two can help build a positive presence online.

Add the geotargeting feature mentioned earlier and you can get a clearer idea of the promotional possibilities on Instagram for business. With the geotagging function you can essentially mark the location where a photo was taken and potential customers in your vicinity will be able to see your address and hopefully stop by for a visit. This a powerful feature that can be of enormous benefit to any business , with an added boost for those who are strictly of the brick and mortar variety.

If you’re comfortable with the mobile aspects of internet marketing, then Instagram for business should be a no-brainer for, at least a trial run. If you are primarily a desktop kind of marketer and Instagram seems to be too much of a hassle, you might want to take a leap anyway. It might not be easier than you think.

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