How To Create A Linkedin Company Page

How To Create A Linkedin Company Page

Most of the marketers I know have some sort of presence on LinkedIn, but few have taken the time to learn how to create a Linkedin company page. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions.

The essential reason for the company page as opposed to a personal profile page is that with a Linkedin Company page you are building brand recognition. And, as opposed to a platform like Twitter, say, you will have a lot more space in which to do so.

To begin, be sure to create a meaningful url for your business. Linkedin/34593?lang=en won’t do the trick. If you can use LinkedIn/MyCompanyName that would be the best option, but something that describes your niche like, say, Linkedin/InternetMarketing is also a helpful way to go. You want a url that’s easy to remember or easy to associate with a particular sphere of interest. How To Create A Linkedin Company Page

With a Linkedin company page you can feature some reasonably in-depth information about your product or service. An added per is the ability to add job postings should you have the need to find additional employees.

You’ll want to add a professional-looking profile along with a description of your company =- its origins, its accomplishments and its hopes for the future. In mastering how to create a Linkedin company page you should come across as a professional, but one with a receptive and friendly persona that welcomes the opportunity to connect. Additionally, avoid exaggerating the number of employees and other statistics. False information does not inspire trust.

With a LinkedIn company page, you can add blog posts or link to them as well as link to YouTube videos and ebooks, etc. Your digital media can be included in a summary – the part of your profile that is seen at first glance. LinkedIn might request that you to add Publications or Projects. If you can add information here, great, but this information will appear at the conclusion of your profile and will not get as much attention as what you include in your summary.

Your summary, as an introduction, is enough to elicit interest or discourage it. It’s very important as the first opportunity to find out more about you and your presence on Linkedin. Consequently, when learning how to create a Linkedin company page, you should spend some time in creating one. View what other companies have posted and try to emulate what captivates your attention. If you don’t trust your writing ability, by all means seek assistance from a freelancer.

Linkedin is not for everyone, but it ranks in the top five of all social media platforms and it is common, as with Facebook and Twitter, to see their icon on a on a blog or commercial website. If you are looking to expand the reach and visibility of your business, you would do well to learn how to create a Linkedin company page.

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