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Hasta La Vista, Instagram Posts

Instagram Posts
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I avoided Instagram posts for years. I grew up on PCS and the smartphone was a useful tool, but worked a lot more effectively if you had tiny fingers.

The question I always asked myself was what I kind of program would limit access to its platform for any number of people. Were they looking for a certain demographic, a certain age group, a certain cultish attraction that would draw in others?

I could see there was one draw that had appeal an that was the ability instantly publish photos taken on your phone. No need to load to your hard drive and then on the platform. For me, however, the preference was for my Luminix with the Leica lens – a step up from most of the smartphone cameras I am familiar with.  Instagram Posts

The bottom line is the I have for years been taking photos and uploading them to various platforms, with Facebook usually the main repository.

I have been doing this for years and despite all the raves about Instagram, never got on board. Yes, it has many advertising opportunities and the are endorsements and wonderful promotional opportunities for celebrities and pop stars. You can bet, however, that Beyonce and Lady Gaga don’t handle these Instagram chores on their own.

True, I’m biased. Ease of use for me means laptop or PC. Still, why would any platform limit participation to anyone with an interest. I continued to go my merry way.

The day came when I got a tablet and learned that I would likely work with Instagram. It took a while for me to process this information and I was wondering If I really need to get involved with another social media connection. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were effective, but they needed to be maintained. Despite all the hype about Instagram, I’d soon have to think about getting a virtual assistant to maintain them.

Nevertheless, I flaunted the devil-may-care attitude I am known for and dived in to create my first Instagram posts.

Using a Windows Surface Table I finally got to see Instagram and I was underwhelmed. Confusing symbols instead of labels, virtually no onscreen direction, vague references to connecting with Facebook (which I could never really manage). I will say that I would not have stayed very long trying this with my 5′ phone screen and I could explore much more with the tablet.

Frankly, I don’t know how much of my problems were caused by switching between a Windows app and Instagram’s actual interface but, at the end of the day, the only section that made any sense was an actual space to take a photo.

There it was, undulating in the night with flexing sphincter muscles opening and closing with each move of the mouse. Not being inspired to take my own picture and not finding anywhere or anyplace where I could add previously taken videos and photos, I quietly departed.

If you are thinking that I just need to keep working at this or send a message somewhere for assistance, you are probably right. Still, I keep asking myself the question: why would a platform limit participation to a very large segment of the online population.

Instagram is a very successful company and I don’t think they’ll be getting back to me any time soon. In the end, there’s only so much time in a day and a finite number of social media platforms where I can devote my energies. For the time being, at least, creating Instagram posts is not on my to-do list.

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