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Facebook Group Page Possibilities

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After you’ve become a bit more comfortable with marketing your niche, you might want to consider setting up a Facebook group page. These pages get more exposure than simple Fanpage and they can provide more interest and active engagement than the average Fanpage.

Additionally, a Facebook group page can help bolster your company website or blog. While not every post in your group will get noticed by every member, the fact that Facebook emails a notification for every new entry is a great help in stirring interest, and a click on a link to your blog can often follow. Naturally, the quality of your posts will be a determining factor here and you should work on developing posts of the highest standards. Facebook Group Page Possibilities

When contemplating the creation of a Facebook group page, you should think clearly about who you want to participate. Yes, they should have some sort of interest in your niche, but you also want to consider whether their participation should be open, closed or private.

With open Facebook groups everyone can join and there are no restrictions on who can see the posts or view the membership list. With a closed Facebook group only members can view the posts and comments, but any visitor can see who the members are. No one will even know that a Facebook group page exists for a private Facebook group. Only members who have been especially invited will know of its existence and only they have access to the contents.

Again, think about who exactly you’d like to see join your group. Do you want newbies or experienced contributors? Will the experienced contributors undercut your authority or will they increase the participation on your Facebook group page. Will newbies be the ideal participants for garnering new business, or will they diminish the overall appeal of the group. Most marketers who begin a group want a combination of both and a closed group provides just enough control to make the membership manageable and the comments and posts more constructive.

Once you have an idea of what kind of group you wish to establish, remember that its up to you to keep the group engaged, particularly when participation is slow. Keep a list of questions, polls, interesting posts, videos and photos on hand to keep and the group active and engaged. Learn from other groups and incorporate their best ideas for your own Facebook group page and, ultimately you’ll have a popular destination for an expanding group of interest participants.

You can begin starting a Facebook group here..

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