Examples Of Automated Systems

Examples Of Automated Systems

Video #2 in our marketing automation tutorial examines which examples of automated systems are the most essential to have in a fledgling internet business.

The best way to describe a system is to take the focus of the internet for a moment and reflect upon the kitchen set-up in a typical fast food restaurant. Employees are assigned specific tasks and pass the item on to the next employee for their specific tasks. From the order taker all the way to the chef and back to the order taker, the fast food restaurant has an ‘automated’ system that makes the business operate more efficiently.  Examples Of Automated Systems

The basic category examples of automated systems to consider are payment processing, customer management, affiliate management and support. These systems are generally the most essential and need to be updated with the latest versions on an ongoing basis.

.Autoresponders like Getresponse are good examples of automated systems that can perform a myriad of tasks – from thanking a customer for a purchase to initiating a sequence of emails for cultivating repeat business.

If you are planning on having affiliates take a percentage of your profits by promoting your products, then you’ll definitely need to consider an automated affiliate management system. Sales, leads, tracking ,communications and payment can all be handled by this type of automating software.

Additionally, if you are marketing digital products, you’ll need a way for your customers to download your products. Whether the product is a free lead magnet or a purchased item, a system to enable the customer to acquire these goods is essential.

Lastly, and perhaps most essential is having a payment processor that links to your merchant account. Many of these can automate a series of tasks effortlessly, even upselling if that is part of your marketing strategy.

In our next video we explore payment processing in general and specific examples of automated systems like Paypal and Authorize.net.

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