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Email Advertising Without Professional Solo Ad Providers

You don’t always need to rely on professional solo ad providers for email advertising to generate traffic. If you are creative you can try to find other people who have lists related to your niche and see if you can purchase a mailing from them.

The first thing you should try is to build a list of others who have lists related to your niche.

One way to do this is to get a generic email address that you can discard when you have accomplished your mission. This will be a separate email address that you’ll maintain simply for the purpose of joining the list of other marketers. Email Advertising

One method for finding lists is to type in keywords related to your niche in the search engines. Go through the rankings looking for landing pages and opt-in forms and sign up for all of them.

Scour the internet and visit places like JVZoo, the Warrior Forum or pertinent Facebook groups and join as many email advertising lists as you possibly can. Joining 50 lists is good goal to begin with. You’ll then be getting at least 50 emails a day from these marketers.

You’re going to get an email every day, or every other day, from these 50 people in your special email account and you should open every email that you get for at least a month’s time.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with each email. You just want to get a sense of the marketer’s methods and the kind of products they promote. Click on a link now and again and ask yourself a few questions: Does the marketer provide value and high-quality information? Are they building trust or are they just spewing out promotional spam?

By taking, say, 20 minutes every day and reading all these emails you’ll be able to find marketers who you are comfortable with and whose emails resonate with you when you read them.

Lastly, contact the list owner and ask if they would accept payment for doing some email advertising for your business. can get a sense from the conversation with the the marketer has any experience with this Ask how many are on the list and what kind of click-through rate is common. Check the going rate advertised by some of the professional solo ad providers and settle on a price with your new marketing partner.

Rinse and repeat. The quality and the number of clicks per list may vary, but there’s likely to be less click manipulation with someone whose business does not depend on those kinds of statistics.

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