Digital Marketing Failure Is Common

Digital Marketing Failure Is A Common Occurrence

Digital marketing failure is fairly common. It’s an endeavor that allegedly has a 95% failure rate and it’s difficult to see why anyone would get involved in the first place. Similarly, if the statistic is true, its surprising that anyone who sells digital marketing courses is able to sleep at night.

Truth be told, most of the digital marketing courses I’ve taken actually teach me something. They are not all perfect by any means but, high ticket or low, I always get some education – even if its never to buy from that seller again. I am talking about courses here. Junky software is something else again and I’m rarely in the mood these days to play around.

I won’t go so far as to say there’s no bad advice, but it is helpful to check the source. There is a lot of hype, but it is a very competitive market. Do a search, visit his or her webpage or Facebook Fanpage, look at some tweets, etc. And yes, there are financial problems, language problems, cultural memes and other issues that can get in the way. But, as far as I’m concerned, the ‘bad’ advice that’s out there is all part of the learning process. And keep in mind, good advice today can easily become bad advice tomorrow, particularly if the technique or strategy is being employed by every marketer on the planet. Digital Marketing Failure Is Common

Forgive me, if this seems like I’m blaming the victim, but digital marketing failure is usually experienced by folks with absolutely no money to invest, a strong desire to get something for nothing, a limited willingness to learn (particularly from one’s mistakes), lack of patience, unrealistic expectations and a greed so voracious that it obscures rational thinking.

I suppose I have had my share of these traits from time to time, particularly in my early experiences. I will say, in fairness, that if you can overcome the rather disdainful, over-generalized public perception of internet marketing, then you have made a major step forward.

A sincere attitude to succeed and a willingness to stick it out through thick and thin will overcome the occasional digital marketing failure one might experience along the way.

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