Customer Service Management Automation

Customer Service Management Automation

The last video in our series explores the value and utility of customer service management automation.

We’ve all experienced the need to contact a vendor for support of one kind of another. Without an automated help desk system this task can become overwhelming for any business. Customer Service Management AutomationAutomated customer management makes everyone’s life a lot easier with prompt and courteous service.

Many new businesses neglect customer support and learn the hard way why this is a necessity for any successful enterprise. You might be so immersed in your products and services that the idea that anyone couldn’t figure out how to manage the purchase is beyond comprehension. You would be wrong and you might be inundated with refund requests and have a list of unhappy customers rather than repeat buyers.

It is recommended that you avail yourself of customer service management automation very early in your business plans. Rapid growth could leave you out on a limb without a net.

Some of the recommended customer service management options include Kayako, osTicket and Perldesk.

Kayako is simple and inexpensive scalable customer service software that can grow along with your business and it is very popular among internet marketers.

Many also use osTicket. This is free software that is easy to install and is a very effective solution for small businesses that are just beginning to employ automated customer service management.

Lastly, is Perldesk recommended as a solution similar to osTicket. Fee to use, easy to install and very useful for smaller enterprises.

This video concludes with a summation of the Marketing Automation tutorial series. Automated systems will save you and your business time, money and innumerable headaches.

All of systems mentioned in this tutorial can be customized to grow with your business and many can be implemented at little or no cost and can be improved or upgraded over time.

Focus in the beginning on the systems you will need the most:

  • Payment Processing
  • Customer Management
  • Affiliate Management
  • Customer Service Management

Still, continue to maintain good oversight. None of these systems are set and forget for eternity.

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