Creating Fiverr Gig Extras

In this video in our tutorial series we explore the ways you can add to your income by creating Fiverr Gig Extras.

Many assume that unless you get numerous buyers on Fiverr the pickings are pretty slim. Only $5 per Fiverr gig doesn’t sound like much. But with Fiverr Gig Extras you can increase your profits substantially. Creating Fiverr Gig Extras

It may surprise you to know that Fiverr provides full-time employment for many. Using the Fiverr Gig Extra opportunities is one of the ways they can help support themselves. These extras are essentially upsells that supplement the basic $5 purchase.

As an example, you might be providing 3 minute voice-overs as your basic gig. You can add a $10 extra, say, by offering the added service of syncing the audio with the customers 3 minute video. It is mandatory that your gig extra be an adjunct to your basic service and that your price is reasonable.

The amount you charge for these extras will be dependent on your status on Fiverr. New sellers have certain restrictions, while top sellers have considerable more leeway. New sellers, for instance, may add two extras to their basic service.

A new seller will need to sell a certain amount of gigs over a 30 day period, maintain a 4 star rating and have a low number of cancellations to increase their number of extras. You will now be considered a Level 1 Fiverr Gig seller and your number of extras will increase to 4 with a price up to $40.

To reach Level 2 (The Pro League) you’ll need to complete 50 orders over a 2 month period, have a 4.5 star rating and have a low cancellation rate. Pro Leaguers can have 5 gig extras that can sell for up to $50.

Top-rated sellers will need a 4.7 star rating or above and have a high volume of sales with a low cancellation rate. Additionally, Fiverr measures attributes like leadership, excellent customer care. These top sellers can have up to 6 Fiverr Gig Extras in a single order, with upsells that can be offered at $100.

Our next video will explore driving traffic to your Fiverr account in greater detail.


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