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Content Curation Marketing For Building A Business

I use a content curation marketing as a strategy for a portion of my business. Selling domain names as a sideline, I wanted to make a purchase more attractive to a potential buyer and built websites for the names. I have used content curation for the posts. In addition to a potential sale, I get some additional income from Google Adwords.

Some examples of sites that get the most traffic are and All the articles are referenced to the publication with the original author. I add my own images. Content Curation Marketing

I have been using the method for years and have never had a complaint of any kind. It would seem some publishers are happy with the links or the additional publicity to the extent that they care at all

I know there are some purists out there, outraged at the idea of using content curation marketing from sources not your own. To each his own. The internet has upended some cherished norms of yesteryear.

Publications like HuffingtonPost and Business Insider do this all the time and I have yet to run across any publication that does avail themselves of sources like the AP.

Keep in mind that we are not speaking about ripping of the content of another publication and/or author. Without full accreditation for the content, you are indeed stealing. This has its own repercussions and consequences, not only with your reputation among other marketers, but with the search engine algorithms as well. 

In sum, do what you think is best for your business with the resources you have. Despite a lot of noise from uninformed competitors, you can avail yourself of a content curation marketing strategy with a clear conscience.

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