Choosing Products To Sell

Choosing Products To Sell – How To Start A Successful Blog Video #6

In video #6 we explore why choosing products to sell is one of the keys to creating a profitable blog. Quality posts and expert opinions will only take your so far.

If you are satisfied that you are involved in the right niche, then finding the right products to promote should be the next task on your agenda. In theory, the more quality products you have to make available, the better the opportunity to find willing customers.

You can sell other people’s products as an affiliate and receive a commission from them, or you can create your own. The good news for affiliates is that they don’t have to deal with customer support. The bad new is that they only, say, make 50% profit on the sale. If you create your own product you will reap all the profits, but building a product from scratch can be extremely laborious.Choosing Products To Sell

There is a middle way. You can start choosing products to sell from a private label rights inventory (PLR), where you have permission to brand products like ebooks, video courses, podcasts, etc., as your own. Here you get all of the profits and the burden of product creation is considerably less.

To find PLR products simply enter ‘private label rights,’ followed by the name of your niche in a search box. You should be able to find, say, ebooks related to your subject and they are generally very inexpensive – often only a few dollars per item. True, the quality of these creations can vary, but with a little re-writing or having a freelancer doctor the contents can solve most quality issues and, incidentally, you can also turn these texts into video presentations using a freelancer or, through your own efforts, if you have the skills.

If you are choosing products to sell as an affiliate, Clickbank is usually the go-to source for a variety of quality opportunities. Do a search for your niche and, particularly if you’ve chosen a rather competitive topic, you’ll usually find several products that you can promote. Clickbank provides several statistics about the products, such as return rates and affiliate popularity.

You can also do another search on Google or Bing for ‘affiliate program’ followed by the name of your niche. Most of the companies you’ll find will be happy to hear from you, particularly if you have a website or blog.

Keep in mind that choosing products to sell is usually the sine qua non of a successful blog, and having an inventory of attractive opportunities will determine how profitable you blog is likely to be over the long term.

In video #7 in our How To Start A Successful Blog And Make Money series, we will take a look at blog topic ideas generation for your posts.

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