Choosing A Blogging Platform

Choosing A Blogging Platform – How To Start A Successful Blog Video #9

Choosing a blogging platform rounds out our How To Create A Successful Blog and Make Money video series. This decision might be a bit more complicated than you think.

Yes, we can confidently say that your best choice is between WordPress and Google’s Blogger (or Blogspot) platform. But why you might choose one over another has some particulars you might not be aware of. Choosing A Blogging Platform

For instance, by choosing Blogger you will get a considerable boost over WordPress in the search engine rankings. You may be familiar with a number of your niche authorities still using Blogger. That’s one of the reasons why.

A major downside of using Blogger, that many are not aware of, is that you are not the official owner of the site. To put it bluntly, if Google ever decides to ban you (it can happen), the content of your blog will completely disappear from cyberspace and your work will be for naught.

This serious drawback with Google’s blogger is the reason why most professionals choose WordPress, and there are very few hosting companies that do not offer a way to install WordPress to your domain name.

Still, you might want to be more selective in choosing a hosting company. While there are many well-known and lost-cost hosting platforms, you might want to work with a company that specializes in WordPress. While they are generally more expensive, they have additional advantages such as speed, ultra high VPS performance or free SSD. The narrator recommends KnownHost and A2 Hosting. In any case, all hosting platforms have explicit instructions as how to connect your domain name to their platform.

And don’t forget that another important aspect to choosing a blogging platform and setting up your blog is selecting a domain name. It’s recommended that you eschew cutesy brand names for a name that in some way defines what you blog is about. This is not as easy as it once was. Domain names are now viewed as a real estate investment. You may be fortunate to a find a descriptive 2-word dot com domain name for $9.95, but these are increasingly difficult to find. The choice may depend on your budget and how serious you are about becoming a blogger, but it may be worth it if you consider that web searchers are unlikely to click on your blog if they have no idea what your site is about.

Although Blogger may be easier to use, WordPress is now generally the preferred way to go when choosing a blogging platform. It may be a little daunting when you first begin to set it up, but the variety of themes and the number of plugins and add-ons will make the experience a joy for anyone with little or no programming experience.

As for added assistance, you may also be interested in our video series Getting Started Online.

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