Buying Solo Ads

Buying Solo Ads Tutorial: Pros & Cons

This 2nd video explores the many benefits of buying solo ads to attract customers to your business or service. The main attraction might be that you don’t have do be a marketing genius to do this. With the exception of your offer, landing page and link, everything is handled for you by the solo ad provider. Buying Solo Ads

That said, the quality of the offer is important and the landing page has to look professional. Your solo ad provider uses his or her targeted email list to draw potential buyers to your page and from there optin statistics can vary.

The potential downside is, despite the the favorable testimonials your buyer might have, the quality of the list might not meet your expectations. So solo ads can be somewhat of a gamble. Additionally, the recipients might be on several other lists and your offer could be over-exposed.

Be that as it may, buying solo ads is one of the fastest and, generally speaking, one of the most effective marketing strategies available.

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