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Blog Topic Ideas Generation – How To Start A Successful Blog Video #7

In video #7 we discuss generating blog topic ideas – ideas that have a reasonable chance of attracting a fair number of readers.

We created a list of topics for an earlier video, but now we want to expand the list and, with various tool, try to surmise a level of appeal.

Semrush is one useful tool in this regard. It is a paid service, but you can do one free search a day. You can enter a keyword in the search box and, like Buzzsumo, you’ll be given various useful statistics like the number of advertisements and the average cost of the keyword and the various websites and articles where the word can be found.

Similarly, you can do research with Google. Simply enter your keyword in the search box and Google will attempt to complete you search by adding relevant qualifiers to words. You can also simply type in your keywords and scroll down the page. If the keywords are reasonably popular, you’ll find several variations that can be used for topics and, by digging deeper, additional information to generate even more possibilities. Blog Topic Ideas

In sum, Google only provides these lists for topics that have a reasonably high level of interest in their search algorithms. By mixing, matching and proceeding from one topic to another you should have numerous blog topic ideas to flesh out for articles of interest.

A good way to begin is to ask yourself some questions about these various topics. How is done, where do I find it, how do I use it? You can review various solutions and make recommendations. You can interview authorities about their particular expertise. You can make lists and you can share your personal experiences. And, to add to the mix, you can create videos of your posts and add them to a supplementary YouTube channel.

The deeper you dig, the more possibilities you’ll find for blog topic ideas. If you have a reasonable level of writing ability, you should be able to turn them into interesting articles.

We will go into more detail about writing blog posts in video #8.

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